What I’m going to share with you quickly is a Supergenius way of going about being an entrepreneur and business person. This is really important in this day and age because we’re now finding that more and more jobs are being replaced by technology and artificial intelligence and machines and software. And so we’re really seeing a revolution of entrepreneurship and business and so this is also relevant to people who have been in business for a very long time because our environment is way more competitive now with social media and internet and so it’s becoming increasingly important to bring your genius into business. What I mean by that is that when you’re in business the problem that most people have is that they’re copying the way that other people do business and they’re just trying to do the same thing faster or better. For example, I know in an industry everyone is a life coach or everyone is a social media expert or everyone is an international speaker or an NLP practitioner – you know it’s bland, so what?! There’s a million people, there’s more NLP practitioners than clients to be dealing with. So how do you stand out above the crowd and not seem so bland and mediocre compared to the rest of everybody who is unemployed and struggling for money?

Well, it’s really simple, and again as I said this also applies to big businesses, it’s the same premise. We all have the ability to bring our genius into whatever it is we are creating, whether it’s our service, our products, our offering, our branding, our marketing, our copy, our sales pitches, the way we produce social media. You know I do online marketing through Facebook mostly and I know the strategy which I’ve created through getting in connection to my genius and highest levels of awareness. It’s completely unique to everyone else. And so I’m generating hundreds of thousands of leads every month and at a fraction of the cost that everyone else has been bragging about thinking they are doing a good job. So how do you do that in a really competitive world – you need to really step in to your genius, you really have to go above the norm, above what you know, and create something unique. That’s the Supergenius way of being in business and entrepreneurship. And what you’ll find is that you’ll then start to create a unique, authentic proposition. And when people are able to tap into their Supergenius style of entrepreneurship, magic happens, literally!

I know when I started using Supergenius techniques and awarenesses in my entrepreneurship world, I got introduced to celebrities and sports stars. I was given opportunities for funding even though I never took them and I went from a stage where I was desperate for deals, clients and money to being completely irresistible to clients and funding and suppliers. It didn’t actually take much, it just became an issue of knowing how to tap into my Supergenius and how to unleash my intuition and imagination into my business, because it was vanilla, it was bland, it was just like everybody else. If you’ve got an internet connection, you’ve got a global audience and so the marketplace is really noisy right now and if you’re vanilla and bland and just like everyone else you’re not going to stand out.

A good example that’s just come to mind is the TV series, Breaking Bad. It was really controversial and really unique and it’s got a really high rating on IMDB – it’s an addictive series, I watched it and a whole 2 months of my life disappeared after I made the fatal mistake of watching the first episode! And so when you create business from your Supergenius, your offer, product, operations, customer services, finances (everything really) is as compelling and addictive as a Breaking Bad series is.

Since I’ve learnt how to get in touch with my Supergenius, every business I’ve been involved in was pretty much a start-up and each business grew at an exponential rate because what we were offering was different and actually had integrity. You can’t just make something up that’s different and then it doesn’t have quality or integrity or credibility. I know that when you access a Supergenius level of awareness then you will be inspired, incredibly motivated and you’ll find that your creativity will just explode with great ideas and you will make connections that other people haven’t made. For example, Steve Jobs put the mouse, the Macintosh computer and different font types together to create the Macintosh experience. He didn’t invent any of those things but his genius was putting them together to make one unique product. And so that’s what a Supergenius entrepreneur is.

The thing that I’ve found after working with thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners in a Supergenius way is that people are going for the wrong end result. A lot of people are doing it for the wrong reasons, if I could explain that way. I find that as soon as you get really clear on what’s really true for you and what your vision is and it’s in line with your purpose, then you will literally start opening up doors that you didn’t know existed previously. And so do subscribe to our channel and do stay in touch with us because I will be sharing more over time about how you can unleash your Supergenius in business, whether you’re a start-up or in a business right now or an employee looking to start a business or unemployed or made redundant, whatever the case may be. Being able to bring your Supergenius into business in every department is absolutely going to accelerate your business and actually empower you to enjoy your enterprise and create offers that your clients will enjoy as well which is what it’s all about.

So do subscribe and keep in touch as there’s more to come. I look forward to connecting with you and sharing a Supergenius way of life.

Thank you very much.


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