I attended this workshop yesterday presented by Ryan Pinnick. A few people that knew I was attending were sceptical about this being another self-help spin off with unscientific terminology etc. but I went in with an open mind and I was absolutely blown away by what I learnt and the ideas that resonated with me for the rest of the day and until now. Thank you for having me!
— Shanice Corr
This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I have been on many other personal development seminars but none have taken things to the next level as this one has. Love the fact that there are other events to keep plugged in to the higher vibrations and to be able to connect with superconscious people on a regular basis. Love the way Ryan teaches which is effortless, funny and engaging. For anyone seeking life mastery, this is exactly the place to go...
— Heidi Grant
It is amazing and beyond real. I have done the meet your genius workshop and undergoing the create your destiny one at the moment. It brings you such awareness and if like me, have been looking for so many answers, that is the place for you. You will not be sorry. Ryan is actually investing in you, not you in him. I am very thankful and grateful I came across his first workshop and I have definitely got a lot of insight into who I am and why I am like this.
— Tsvet Todorova
I’ll freely admit I was dubious, but still attended the Unleash Your Genius. By the end of the day I was hooked and happily enrolled for Meet your Genius. I strongly recommend that you try it out. Keep up the good work.
— Stephanie Jane Findlay
I can’t describe the feeling, the emotions or the thoughts I had on those three beautiful days at Meet Your Genius because you will only understand if you experience it, therefore I leave to you the desire to try it and got what I did as I said only if you are there you can feel and play magic I do still remember when I was in Italy in May by the seaside and saying to my family about this workshop that my life was going to be more inspired through this and so it was and it is! Thank you, Ryan Pinnick
— Antonia Giacobelli
I came to the event with an open mind and without expectations, having had no idea what to expect. What I found was a room full of inspiring people as well as a fantastic teacher in Ryan (with an equally fantastic humour) who made it so easy to listen, learn, absorb and enjoy. What I experienced was profound and I had the opportunity to experience myself and others in a completely new, uplifting and creative, not to mention accurate way! I’ve come away with new insights, powerful new techniques and new friends. A simply awesome experience I would recommend to everyone, I can’t wait for the next level!
— Gulie Ismail
I attended the 1 day Unleash Your Genius workshop which was just the boost I needed to finally resolve to find and awaken my true Genius. Ryan was funny, engaging but just kept it really real. I’m signed up for the 3 day Meet Your Genius workshop in a fortnight’s time, and I’m coming with an open heart and mind to all the possibilities my Genius has in store for me. To borrow from Paulo Coelho, when you want something, the whole Universe conspires to make it happen. I’m believing in that and my inner Genius. Peace and Blessings!
— Leo Major
Felt I have heard everything before from my own intuition which I doubted for long. Loved it felt oddly at home. Can’t wait to go to the next level. It’s nice to be in a room full of like-minded people ready to connect. My soul left with a smile that matched the smile on my face. Thank you, Ryan
— Gloria Orozco Rincon
No gimmicks or slogans. REAL connection with our internal processes, to help us sort out fears from reality, understanding our true capabilities. I highly recommend these teachings by Ryan Pinnick to everyone. You simply can’t go wrong.
— Annie Bobanny
Attended the one day workshop. Ryan was charismatic, engaging and hilarious! Some very potent points made. It really makes you reflect on your subconscious and superconscious. I would definitely recommend the workshop. It’s free and it is time well spent.
— Farah Bhimani
I’ve done few workshops and NLP courses, and although they very good and they did help me I’ve never reached happiness. Then I took part to “Meet your Genius” - 3 days workshop and something changed deeply into me. I didn’t really fully understand what my Genius is, or what I will do in future, but for the first time in my whole life I’ve been able to accept myself for who I am, and I’ve so felt FREE. Free from a prison in which I’ve put myself into, believing I was broken, believing I had to be fixed. But I’m not, I’m already successful, and happy. I just was so blind, and now I can see. So, yes, this workshop did change my life, and I can’t thank Ryan and all the staff enough for that. THANK YOU!
— Emanuele Renton Fortunati
Ryan Pinnick is like a breath of fresh air. He certainly knows what he is talking about and when his teachings get combined with a great sense of humour, humility and a strong desire to empower others what you get is so much more than just another self-development seminar. It’s all very well when we know that we want to change something in our lives. You actually learn how your beliefs, patterns etc. get formed and you get a great set of tools to work with. Connecting with yourself, living your true vision and following your heart while using tension as fuel is a true skill and I can’t wait to learn more. Also, I have met so many incredible people and danced my feet off after the event so a huge thank you goes to the whole team and everyone I have met.
— Inga Maria
I attended a 1 day workshop. Absolutely mind-blowing material and the presentation of this was superb and funny! Thank you so much Ryan and the crew who contributed to this fantastic day!
— Ildiko Johnson
This event came at exactly the right time for me, so thank you for the start of my journey.
— Faith Patterson
Unleash your Genius is all about empowering people to make choices that bring about life changing experiences in their world. It was a good experience for me I liked it. Thank you so much Ryan Pinnick
— Ramia G Jrera
I honestly can’t speak highly enough. If you’re searching for something in your life, are confused about what you want, feel lost, or generally just want to improve yourself, Meet Your Genius can empower you to find whatever answers you’re looking for. That’s what makes this different to any other personal development program. You don’t just uncomfortably high five strangers, get told you’re awesome and feel unconvinced by loose motivational messages. Meet Your Genius helps you realise that you are a powerful creator and more importantly teaches you structures to actually achieve your dreams and live your purpose. Ryan is an incredible speaker who is absolutely hilarious, real, humble, and cares about getting you an end result. He doesn’t give you fuzzy messages about following your heart, he gives you truth. And there is a community that supports you and wants you to reach your full potential. It connects people to their intuition and true purpose, and through doing so changes the world for the better. Don’t take my word for it though, try it for yourself. I promise you won’t regret it. Question is, are you ready to find out how powerful you really are?
— Kirsty Carr
I can’t recommend this training enough; it has been the most powerful and insightful few days of my life. I was attracted to the training as I had already been using my intuition, however I could not ever imagined how effective and life changing the teaching could be. The room was filled with like-minded individuals ready to embrace what the three days had to offer, this made the environment feel safe and comfortable. Ryan was amazing, his unique delivery approach added humour to the learning. Sharing his life experience brought a few moments of tears; however these were far outweighed by the laughter he brought to the room. As a presenter he is first class, second to none, I was absorbed by his presentation. The content of the training itself was distinct and inspiring. The skills I was able to develop and build on added real and valuable benefits to my life. It is not about learning by instruction; it just needs to be experienced to understand its power.
This is the most energetic and impressive training I have ever attended, I looked forward to coming each day and at the end I was left wanting more.
— Gráinne Bellenie
Fantastic. Very highly recommended ... Take this seriously!
— Jonathan Ian Waterman
Fantastic!!! What a great experience! I highly recommend this for EVERYONE!
— Gina Genie
I have not just learnt about my genius but I had lots of fun and met wonderful people. You got to, you got to, goooo!
— Laura Ana Maria Iosifescu
30+ years of therapy hasn’t touched me as much as this has. It’s unbelievable!
— Faye Hamilton
This weekend so far has been everything I wanted it to be and more. I came to learn how to trust my intuition more, as when I’ve followed it in the past it’s served me well, even if I didn’t always understand what was happening, or the messages I was receiving. By practicing the processes delivered by Ryan over this weekend, I’ve realised the power of not only trusting myself and the messages from within me, but to speak them, deliver them, listen and follow through on them. It certainly has felt like a certain Magic has taken place over the past two days and still one more to go! It’s refreshing to be with other individuals who think similarly and who are open and receptive to this kind of learning and these processes. People from all walks of life, all ages, many countries and cultures, it’s heart-warming to say the least. I feel that Ryan’s delivery is humorous, authentic and heart centred. I believe he truly wishes everyone to have a great experience and will go to any length to make it happen. Thank you, this has been a Wonder Full couple of days and I’m looking forward to the final chapter in this round. Thank you, Ryan, and everyone there.
— Lou Requena
Phenomenal, easy, straight forward. A must experience for those that live Arts!
— Alex O'Neill
Better than any self-development trainings. Don’t believe my word, try it yourself. Unless you don’t want to know what your genius is...
— Adam Szotek
I am blown away by how powerful today has been!
— Carolyn Kay
Awesome fun and a very enlightening course!
— Yianni Andreas Manitara
So empowering unlike anything I have ever done before. Ryan is very engaging and definitely practices what he is talking about. I feel sorry for anyone who shuns this, they are truly missing out.
— Angela Byrne
Very good insights - there is something for everyone in this workshop. Just try it out!
— Meier Bettina
This is a fantastic set of workshops with which they are helping individuals find their true purpose and how to go about attaining it. Ryan tells you how it is, holds nothing back and is genuine in his approach and content. If you are not where you want to be in any sphere of your life this is a vehicle that can help you on your journey.
— Amjad Ahmad
An amazing moment was created where I realised I have everything I need right now to CREATE the life I want! I met some amazing people and the seminar was delivered in a very upbeat REAL way with no bullshit selling tactics. You owe it to yourself to find out more. Don’t live your life in tunnel vision, it’s not worth it you only get to do this once might as well give it 100%
— Yvette Janse Van Rensburg
I have received is completely outstanding and different from any other trainings you will have come across. You have to attend to experience the magic that is created within. Thank You All
— Jonathan Poon
I am loving what this is all about - empowering people to make choices that bring about life changing experiences in their world whilst having a ripple effect in our world
— Claire Vetori
A truly beautiful way to realise everything you truly want from an exceptional life. Why haven’t we been collectively living life this way sooner? Amazing and thank you so very much for opening my eyes!
— Austin Letts
I attended “Unleash your Genius”. What an amazing insight in new possibilities and giving us the tools to move forward. Thank you very much!
— Cel Despalle
Love the team here they will do everything in their power to help you excel and identify things that are stopping you and help you find your genius and bring out your brilliance!
— Francis James Newman
Absolutely amazing inspirational fresh different exciting and life changing. And bloody brilliant fun! High as a kite. Nothing but positive energy!
— Izzie Luczak-Wisniewska
I suppose I will fall short in describing with words only but I will try my best by using a metaphor; “Noah’s Ark” is what I call it. It’s a divine inspired structure where you could literally leave behind you, the world of survival and sail to the world you truly love if you chose to that is. Come on board.
— Ensermu Workneh
I had an awesomely mind blowing experience at an amazing event called Unleash Your Genius. Hosted by the brilliant Ryan Pinnick. If you ever have the chance to attend one of his events and or trainings, JUST GO!!! You won’t regret it. You will nourish your mind and soul to a vibrational frequency of Genius Greatness! Blessings!
— - Jenessa Qua
For those of you who know there is greatness in yourself and want to know what your truth looks like, I suggest you ally yourself with these guys!
— Chloe Bourjalliat
Have you ever really experienced love? For me, attending Meet your Genius sessions is such a powerful experience. I am always searching for words to explain it but I can now say it’s nothing short of love. Ryan Pinnick knows how to deliver what he does. I can only empathise with those who haven’t tried it.
— Makeda Anderson
I have been working towards this day for 50 years and when it arrived I knew my climb to the top of the mountain was no longer going to be a major struggle on my own. I feel like someone has shown me the ski lift and I have been celebrating ever since! I thank Ryan and his wonderful team for arranging the 3 day event that has changed not just my life, my husbands and 3 children’s too. I think what a wonderful world this is going to be when everyone experiences this.
— Linda Donaldson
The tools I’m learning are changing my life massively. Even though I only just started my journey, I now know I am finally on my way to the life I always wanted to live. There aren’t enough words to express my. It is definitely not always an easy journey, but I have never felt more certain knowing I am on the right path and most of all: I have never felt more alive!
— Elsbeth van der Poel
Amazing training! If you want to get clarity about your purpose, to get in touch with the very core of your being, you have to be at this seminar. It will shake the foundations of your reality and when all falls into place, a peace, a calmness settles in and decisions, life itself unfolds effortlessly. Ryan Pinnick delivers amazing value. The price of the course is a bare commitment from your side. Do yourself a massive favour: be there!
— Magdalena Baciu
On the 3 day Workshop and loving it! Would thoroughly recommend it to anyone wanting to find their true Calling in life.
— Samantha Babington
This stuff works! After the Meet Your Genius 3 day event I’ve brought my end result of money and helped two friends. Met some great people at the event too!
— Jacquel Ine
I had an amazing weekend at meet your genius workshop. This stuff is mind blowing. Knock you socks off type of stuff. Shitting amazing. Looking forward to mastering this ‘stuff’ / magic.
— Jamie Collins
So you know when you find something and it just feels right? 3 Day Meet Your Genius has just finished, an awesome experience/discovery/realisation and it attracts warm genuine people running it/attending too. Ryan Pinnick is refreshingly insightful as a guide and teacher with simply the most powerful practical techniques to share. Already signed up to the next level... Nuff said.
— Mark Loach
I attended the 3 day training event and it was brilliant. I can now see how the law of attraction works. Really interesting to be there and experience all that. Ryan is so funny and that kept me 100% focused. It changed the way I look at things and that impacts massively on my focus. I would definitely recommend it.
— Alexandra Arsene
I have just come away from having spent 3 days on the Meet Your Genius event. Just to give a little context - I have spent years studying and teaching spiritual, personal development, growth, love and that magicness and I love being blown away by something new but am also a little bit fussy about what I choose to go to, if I am truly honest! I went with the intention of uncovering the core underlying message of all of my many passions and projects. At the end of day 1, I had come to understand the common thread and core message that underpins all I have created, from the Spiritual Teachers Program, to The Magic Keys, to the Conscious Cake Company. At the end of Day 2, we took part in one of the most beautiful, simple, yet profound exercises I have ever taken part in. I won’t say what it is as I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who comes, but I am very impressed and forever grateful for what I have experienced here. By the end of Day 3, Ryan shared some incredible wisdom from his own journey - and how he is using this as a way to also do some amazing work to inspire his home country of South Africa. I was looking to be inspired by someone who wasn’t all “Come and learn how to make a million bucks so you can spend your life on the beach!” Or “I will show easy it all is!”. I was ready for the next stage and wanted to experience uncovering that with someone real, with true vision, who recognises the power we all have to make a difference to not just our own lives but the lives of others and the world. Thank you Ryan, this has been amazing, hugely humbling and inspiring, and I am so very grateful, blown away and I can’t wait to see what unfolds following the course!
— Danica Apolline
Unleash your Genius has opened up a new world for me. It has connected everything that I have ever learnt from various mentors such as Dr. John Demartini, Wayne Dyer, Bob Proctor, etc. The Workshop teaches the very truth of how the human consciousness really work, and gives you absolute insight to how and why humans behave the way they do. It has given be such an amazing and profound experience, and top help tap into my potential power. I only now just realised how powerful we can really be. We can absolutely create anything that we love in this world. Thank you to Ryan Pinnick for being such an amazing and funny presenter.
— Ich Loc
To most, the first weekend of July was just another uneventful time, with the urgent pushing out the important and Monday morning looming large. But to those of us who attended “Meet Your Genius”, we were shown the patterns that we unknowingly sleep-walk into every day. Getting a handle on this self-sabotaging behaviour is the first step in discovering the Genius within us all. Ryan Pinnick leads these events. Under his tutelage he can open your eyes to possibility thinking. He can also provide useful techniques to road-map your success and overcome obstacles. I would encourage you to participate in this event. It is money well spent.
— Ross Pont
You know yourself? - you need this weekend
You’re fulfilled by your job? - you need this weekend
You think you “get it”? - you need this weekend
And if you don’t know - you definitely need this weekend!!
There is a chance this weekend could change your life for the better. You have a choice at every moment - take this choice. (It’s one weekend - and no-where near as expensive as you think. Or before the weekend you have the chance to attend a free one day workshop. With humility and humour Ryan shared why and how this journey works. His unique style of delivery, his willingness to connect with his audience, his commitment to the end result of people opening up to their innocent power and Genius. To allowing us to practice without judgement, to laugh together, to being vulnerable and human too. This is real. We all have a natural ability to create what we love. To step out of our identity into Genius. Become the magician of your own life.
— Kathie Oakley
During the 3 day workshop Ryan was able to explain and connect all the pieces that I had struggled to connect for the past 3 years....”click”....It was synergy in its most obvious form. But most importantly the realisation that there is an explanation, a method, a system and most importantly an understanding and a demand for this increased level of conscious thinking. Ryan’s unique teaching methods were enlightening and educational, entertaining yet focused but most importantly humbling and grounding. Within the sacred space, for perhaps the first time...I was able to confidently and freely expose my true genius without the fear of being ridiculed and with the security of being understood by like-minded spirits. I now have enough confidence and reassurance to realise that it’s time to expose my true Genius and simply know that I know and just roll with it! Thank you Ryan and your Team and I look forward to continuing this journey with you.
— Dian Small
I have to say Meet Your Genius isn’t just genius on a spiritual level. I can normally do 20 perfect push ups but this morning I did 40 for the first time in my life!
— Katya Varbanova
Had an eye opening 3 days with Ryan Pinnick. As a sceptic looking for a magical cure, I had high hopes for this workshop! What I learnt is that I am the very thing stopping me from meeting my genius. All in all, it was a great weekend, I have and will be telling others about it to spread the message of enlightenment!
— Becky Keen
A truly inspirational 3 day course Meet Your Genius with Ryan Pinnick and loads of jaw droppingly amazing people. If you want supercharge your life mojo and take charge of your destiny then this is the way to go! The amount of Geniuses who kept on saying this was the best course/seminar/workshop they had ever been on was incredible. Discover the Magician inside and create the life you never dreamed you could have! Ryan Pinnick you rock!
— Josh Ward
What a roller coaster ride! 3 extremely intense, unforgettable, mega positive and inspiring days. Thank you Ryan for all the wisdom so effortlessly delivered, for all the positive energy and charisma. Thank you to my friend for inviting me to this workshop. It’s impossible to explain to someone who did not attend Unleash Your Genius how powerful and amazing experience it is - True magic was happening in the room for 3 days! I’ve always believed that we are all connected as ONE but during this workshop I’ve experienced it on a whole new level. A massive wake-up call that it’s time for some action. Thank you again. Genius ...under construction
— Iza Bela
Last weekend I had the great pleasure of being a participant at Meet Your Genius presented by Ryan Pinnick. It totally exceeded my expectations: Ryan presented the work with passion, humour, humility and we learned loads! If you haven’t already got your name down for one of these workshops I suggest you get onto it asap because why would you delay in finding your genius and true path!
— Louise Kennedy
I went on the 3 day Meet Your Genius training with Ryan Pinnick in London and I had the most amazing time, whilst learning so much. Ryan brings to life material that helps you to make sense of all the things that you think about but haven’t got totally figured out. He shows you a way to connect the dots and build a life that you want, whilst working to improve yourself for the betterment of all. I would highly recommend this course, and I signed up straight away for the follow-on training as I eager to learn more from this awesome and inspiring person.
— Anshul Gupta
Well I’m not very good at explaining myself. Over the last three days I have learnt so much. I am putting into practice all that was taught and people have noticed the difference already. I have not made a million yet but practicing. My day will come. Thank you, Ryan, for happy sometimes tension filled days but also a lot of laughter. Making new friends which I feel is also important. Most of all what a brilliant teacher funny bright cheerful but could also show and share when sadness. Hope the hug helped Ryan.
— Karen Davis
Meet Your Genius course is proving the turning point for this new life and path that I have begun to walk. Ryan Pinnick - you are Genius itself and I thank you, thank you, thank you for what you are sharing and teaching. Thus far, it has felt as if all that you have taught in the past 24 hours - has been for me and me alone - every word has resonated. I am beginning to feel some peace at last. If your work continues at this pace over the next 24 hours - I will be positively catatonic, or on another planet by the time I leave to run freely, on the path to MY success, to fulfill MY purpose and to do whatever it is that is on my game plan. Thank you to you and all your team - I am blown away.
— Tana Macpherson-Smith
These days there are so many workshops that promise to change your life, make you rich, find your soul mate, or solve whatever issue you are facing. Most don’t really work and so going to the ‘Meet your Genius’ 3-day workshop, this weekend I expected more of the same old, same old. I was surprised that it turned out to be a really eye opening 3 days. The fact that Ryan Pinnick does not take himself or life too seriously was the game changer for me. I enjoyed his easy, informal and sometimes, comical explanations. Also, while some of the material was familiar it was presented in a very original and easy to understand way that had many in the room, experiencing plenty of ‘Aha’ moments! The thing is, that this workshop finds you. You don’t go looking for it. It just shows up in your life. Many people in that room, like me, were suffering from workshop paralysis yet it found us and there we all were. So, if this workshop shows up in your life. Go! You owe it to yourself.
— Luciana Cousin
Superb weekend. Great learning and fantastic people.
— Lolly Ramlaul
I believe I have found what I’ve been looking for... Brilliant!
— Suzi Dickinson
If you love reading self-development books throw them away and go visit these guys!
— Georgi Vasilev
This work has helped me a lot, thank you.
— Ryan Sanders
Both enlightening and soul grounding, Amazing Experience!
— Shantelle Morenike
I have recommended these seminars to 4 friends, and 3 of them have signed up. Action speaks louder than words. Well done!
— Grace Zhu
A great weekend with practical exercises that work - eg get into innocence and readings. This is useful in everyday life and work. I have met amazing people.
— Brigitte Deneck
Just finish Meet Your Genius this weekend - finding quite inspiring and very interesting! experienced something new and look for more at the next course in April.
— Ale Tortone
What an extraordinary weekend that took me into a space of positive, high vibrancy. Ryan raises the curtain to your genius, you can either turn the blind eye or you can open the curtain wide open.
— Reginald Akingbade
As Alice said “I can’t go back to yesterday, as I was a different person then”. With compassion, warmth and a truckload of humour Ryan opened my eyes to shedding the shackles of the mind and unlocking a tantalising glimpse of what lies on the road ahead. Thank you.
— Alex Rees
I did love the safe environment Ryan and his team created for all of us to do the exercises and share. It was so easy to let go and be involved in the activities. It was rewarding and surprising at the same time. I loved how in the hardest day of the 3 days of training our spirit was totally lifted at the end of the day. I don’t want to give away too much but recommend you experience it for yourself. Thank you Ryan Pinnick.
— Margarita Chikunera
I want to say well done to Ryan Pinnick for delivering such a good and vibrant workshop. It was one of the best time in my years of living. In all honesty, at first I was sceptical about the whole thing. I just wanted to have the experience because of my curiosity. However, to my surprise I was shocked by all the evidence (focus creates your reality) that I experienced. This past weekend was an eye opener to what I wouldn’t necessary call the truth but a balance to the equation of creation because FOCUS does CREATES our REALITY. We are all Gods!!!
— Peter Evans
Meet Your Genius has opened my mind to possibilities that I never thought would be possible. I have always operated from I thought I wanted but have never been satisfied with my decisions and choices in life. The 3 day training I have just received has me more excited about the future than I have ever been! I cannot wait for the 5 day training! Thank you Ryan and the team.
— Ben Horner
The Meet Your Genius was absolutely mind blowing for me. I have been reading self-help books and spiritual books for around 6 years and while it has certainly caused a shift in my thinking, encouraging to me to be a lot more positive, the Meet Your Genius weekend has totally transformed my outlook on my life and who I am and who I can be. All in 3 days! I put this down to the amazing interaction exercises, aimed at us connecting with each other in such a spiritual way. It was like facing mirrors that reflected back to me my genuinely beautiful soul and it really reminded me of what an amazing person I actually am! I have always battled with self-esteem issues feeling as though I am not good enough to get all the greatness in my life that I would like, that I was not special enough. I have now been making positive changes to my life since acknowledging my true potential to live out my calling and also to live the life of my dreams. It just so happened that when I made one major decision, which was heavily influenced by the weekend, that will greatly help improve my life I have attracted more great things into my life that are greatly conducive to me achieving my goals. The weekend has helped give me some tools to avoid giving into procrastination and not letting my negative thoughts and beliefs win out! If you are contemplating doing the workshops then I can honestly say that what you gain from it is priceless, you get to meet like-minded people who encourage and motivate you to be the best you can be but more importantly you finally get to meet the best version of yourself. Give Meet Your Genius a chance if you have not yet done so, it is unlikely you will regret doing so. It is one of the best things I have ever done!
— Leia Licorish
Being stone without smoking! this is an ART OF BEING HIGH! Thank you so much for your passion, dedication and love. From now on I will keep high and focus on my results as nothing else mater! Training was very magical and professional, served in an easy to digest way with seed of great sense of humour. There was NO ONE MOMENT of being bored or falling to sleep. THE VIBRATIONS WHERE VERY HIGH THROUGH THE WHOLE 3 DAY TRAINING! I can’t wait TO BE ON THE NEXT ONE!
— Joanna Kaluza
Without exaggerating, I can point out that this event can be literally life changing. Last weekend sharpened my perception and I realised hum much potential is hidden within us waiting to be uncovered. Had so much fun, gained skills and knowledge, met fantastic people, made new friendships. Thank you Ryan, for your natural way of relating to our Genius and thank you to the team for great support! It was more than an experience.
— Jozef Ferencik
Over the years I have attended a good range of seminars in the worlds of business and self-development. Many of them promise that they are there to serve you, empower you, add value to your lives etc. What I have found is that many fall far short of delivering this promise and for some of these companies these are just buzz words being used to attract customers. I attended the Supergenius 1 day event and what struck me was the absolute passion that Ryan Pinnick has for what he is doing. He delivered that first workshop with an amazing blend of humour, vulnerability, integrity and honesty. It’s the first time I had ever seen anyone present in this manner and I felt immediately connected to Ryan’s message. I went on to attend the 3 day Meet Your Genius event and again was staggered by what I could achieve by the end of this time period. If you can come with an open mind and heart you will learn things that will directly affect all areas of your life whether it be BUSINESS or PERSONAL. The impact for me so far has been phenomenal. By far the best event I have attended in this field. I will definitely be continuing my journey with Supergenius and look forward to attending their future events. Thank you Ryan Pinnick and the team for TRULY Adding Value, Empowering, and serving people.
— Bash Kaifi
Inspirational, motivational, life changing and probably the BEST training session I have ever attended. Ryan is an unbelievably funny and charismatic trainer. I have learned so much about myself and others, and have already invited a lot of other friends and family who equally have signed up to more of the dose of psychology we all need to take better care of ourselves and others. Brilliant experience and highly recommended!
— Mel Grant
Supergenius opened the door to my inner world, my inner cosmos. It made me realise that individual’s depth of mind is as big as the universe outside. It revealed truths to me about myself that I never imagined. Thank you Ryan and the team of Supergenius! Sending you lots of love and gratitude!
— Mariya Dimitrova
Wow, who was expecting that, I certainly wasn’t. I attended the free workshop as did everybody on the 3 day course and I can’t speak for everybody but certainly for me, although interesting and informative it is nothing like the experience of the 3 day one. The practical exercises and the mediation really does work and I believe everyone came away from there experiencing something they never have and gained the ability to perceive their realty differently. Some came away with their GENIUS firmly rooted in their psyche allowing them to forge on and most a much better idea about their GENIUS. Regardless I know the practical tools I came away with from the course has helped me and inspired me to find mine!! I will definitely be attending the 5 day course at some point and if you want to meet like-minded individuals and want a course with results then this is it! Thank you, you Are A Genius!!
— Ella Seki
I really loved the 3-day training! I feel like I have just learnt the “meta-model” of all personal development because I can apply it to any aspect of my life. It is like learning the master-formula to create your own formulas (formulae?) for manifesting anything (rather than doing it by accident) - I am excited! I also felt very connected to people so I came away feeling very supported and grounded by everyone who was there. It is so important to be around people who are uncovering their own genius when you are trying to discover your own. There is nothing more inspiring than seeing others shine - it reminds you of your own potential!
— Hetel Gokal
I have come back from an amazing Meet Your Genius weekend! Sceptical at first but as I went through the weekend I began to find it more valuable. Ryan and his team are genuine people who want to help others see their true potential. I have been to other training programmes and I never felt the genuineness from the trainers so that made me question it. However here it was something I noticed straight away! This 3 day programme has given me an insight into my genius and unfolded individual aspects of me that I didn’t even know were there. I took the first step and followed through to what’s true for me! and I don’t regret it! Such an amazing atmosphere to connect with people that are seeking the same thing and a safe environment to share your individuality. Amazing weekend!
— Minal Patel
What a great weekend! I’ve come away with invaluable insight and I’ve also learnt about myself. More importantly what I really liked about this training is that it was very empowering but also practical. The weekend wasn’t exactly what I expected, but in a good way as it forced me out of my comfort zone and to be open minded, things which I think are important to do. To me the premises made perfect sense, and I’ve touched on other explanations of these ideas before, however I felt like Ryan gave a better explanation as it gave the whole story rather than just one aspect. I definitely recommend attending.
— Kimberley Dunk
Wow! What can I say for a skinny guy in blue jeans Ryan Pinnick really packs an extraordinary punch of truth! This guy stands strong in vulnerability & invites you on a journey of self-initiated creative & Life empowerment! Jokes aside (and there were many!) Quite literally this is THE most captivating & catalysing material being offered at a double-take (cheap as chips) value while maintaining the vibrant uniqueness and presence that it promotes. At this point 3 days since the course finished I am still reflecting & processing what can only be described as an authentic opportunity to really step into my true life calling! This has been the opening of a new chapter & an up-rooting of old patterns leading the way for more openness and receptivity to the mysterious & magical journey of being alive. Kudos to this distinguished school of life-alchemy, you have really to see it to believe it! Again, thank you so much Ryan and your team for providing such a tireless and meaningful weekend! It really has been a soul-strengthening experience & brought me closer to my centre & my authenticity!
— Talismãn Das Jaguar
You’ll never see the world or yourself the same way. And you will wonder what took you so long to find these guys. Ryan is an extremely transparent, evolved individual who will unleash, introduce you and marry you to your genius and be there all the way. I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful, epic adventure and the incomparable joy of being the creating force in my life.
— Enrico Lampis
This workshop has opened me up to the richness and depth of my life facilitated with such excellence, I had tunnel vision and struggled to see beyond my self-imposed limitations and assumptions about myself, others and how I thought life worked. Life had delivered some hard knocks over the years. After training in this work every area of my life (with application) was (and is) impacted for the better. This work is martial arts for the mind, heart & soul! Practice every moment of every day for maximum results.
— Liz Adams
True knowledge of self is the greatest gift you can give to anyone; that is exactly what I have gained so far from Ryan Pinnick. By the end of the Meet Your Genius training, I had come face-to-face with my true identity and my Genius. I had also experienced real self-acceptance and freedom. Words cannot fully encapsulate the gratitude I have. Thank you! I would encourage EVERYONE to take part and radically transform their lives!
— Angela Mills
Over the past few years I have attended some very “BIG” life changing courses, all of which have been extremely useful to me. However, Meet Your Genius was the “icing on the cake” for me! It bought all the other “BIG” courses all together and helped me understand why I’m not taking full action on all the other “stuff” I’ve learnt. (Even though I understand it all!) Extremely refreshing. Challenging the “norm”. Definitely worth a visit! I’m looking forward to bringing my goals (End Results) into fruition. Finally!
— Mandy Rawsthorne
The Meet Your Genius workshop is a very powerful method to access your higher self, consistently and with purpose. I have attended many personal development trainings and this was one of the most powerful and practical events I’ve experienced. Take your consciousness to the next level, have fun and enjoy!
— Damian Culhane
This has been the best workshop I have attended since embarking on my spiritual path 16 years ago. Attending the 3 day workshop uplifted me in ways I cannot explain. I can only quote the words “I can see clearly now the rain is gone, I can see all obstacles on my way”. Thank you very much Ryan.
— Faith Kangethe
Wow! Bravo Ryan, it was superb weekend, what can I say from the beginning to the end, it was well executed for that, l salute the GENIUS in you. Thank you for those tools, I can see & feel the new ME already. Thank you, it was an eye opener, I am the producer of my life, I am ready to rewrite my script. HOORAY!
— Sia Koroma
Attended the 3-day course this weekend just gone. An amazing experience! Ryan is very relatable, down to earth and just says it how it is. I love that! Cannot wait to continue the Journey!
— Rosemarie Ludick
And I’ve read self-help books attended talks etc. but I can totally recommend this workshop as the best by far. By reconfirming that each and every single one of us is responsible for our life, which for some is not easy to accept but I believe that this is truth. I also have had personal questions answered by just attending the workshop. Most of all I’m still learning new things and really appreciate Ryan Pinnick’s delivery and sharing of his knowledge. Thank you.
— Kate Singh
I attended the 3-day course last weekend. Good value for money. I learned a lot and also had some new insights into myself. Met some interesting people too and made new friends. Ryan is an inspirational speaker and I have lots of respect and admiration for him and his journey. With his aptitude for comedy, you also get to laugh a lot, so this is not a typical serious self-development course. The course left me with lots to ponder on - in a positive way. I enjoyed the most the practical aspects of the workshop working in groups. It was fascinating how one can get attuned to others and their energy. I never realised I could do this! Big thanks to Ryan and the whole Supergenius team for an interesting and nourishing weekend.
— Lucie Gutfreundová